How to Install an earthing system

The importance of installing a good Earthing system in every electrical installation, Every electrical installation, there are some important parts and we must not forget. One very important part in every electrical installation is earthing systems.

Definition of Earthing system in a House
Earthing System is A cable (conductor) that is connected directly to the ground (Earth) and connected to a certain point in the electrical installation lines or directly attached to an electrical equipment.

In general, Earthing Systems has a function as a Protection for an electrical installation from various kinds of disturbances, dangers or damage arising from various factors, such as lightning strikes, electricity leakage, voltage surges, and others, As we know, Earth has the best neutral, and can neutralize the high voltage generated from lightning strikes, Therefore, every electrical installation must be equipped with a grounding system that is well connected to Earth.

How to Install an earthing system in a house

Installing Electrical Earthing System

Some things that need to be considered for the installation of grounding systems in an electrical installation, including:

1. The conductor cable used for good grounding is made of copper (BC / BCC cable)

2. For earth cable which is mounted for lightning rod to the point of the earth, it is strived to have a large diameter (minimum copper cable (BC) diameter of 50 mm2).

3. For earth cables which are installed from an electrical installation to the point of the earth, an diameter must be made in accordance with the maximum power of the installation.

4. Conducting material used to be planted in the earth / ground, as a connector from grounding cables electrical installations directly to the point of the earth using a 5 ohm grounding rod (made from solid copper).

5. If the installation of a grounding rod that is embedded in the earth has a good grounding resistance value, just use one point, but if it is not possible, it is necessary to add a grounding rod at several points and connect in parallel until the desired earth resistance value is reached.

6. A good resistance value (grounding) is as much as possible really connected to the earth, or a maximum has a resistance value below 5 ohms, measured using a ground gauge (Earth tester or grounding tester).

7. The depth of the grounding rod planting is determined by the achievement of the earth resistance value, usually the deeper the planted, the smaller the resistance value. And this is also influenced by the type of soil and installation location.

8. Installation of earth or earth cable lines in every electrical installation and equipment, such as earth or earth cable installation in sockets, switches, kwh meters, irons, plugs, and other electrical equipment. Ensure that it is properly installed in the terminals which are normally available in each of the electrical equipment, and are usually marked with earth or earth symbols or symbols.
In addition to the soil type and installation location, several other factors that affect the success of a grounding system,

Some of the following factors also have a large influence in determining whether a good earth resistance value is achieved or not so that the grounding system installed is truly connected to the earth, including:

1. The depth or length of the grounding rod embedded in the ground
Due to the different types of soil and installation locations, the soil resistivity does not differ from one another, therefore the depth of planting of the grounding rod in the soil is also different, but the deeper the grounding rod is, the smaller the grounding resistance is. earth. In general, doubling the electrode length can reduce the resistance level by 40%.

2. The diameter of the grounding rod
Although it has a not too large effect, increasing or increasing the diameter of the grounding rod section can also be done to help achieve good earth resistance values.

3. plant more than one grounding rod
This method is proven effective, if by planting one grounding rod does not get a good ground resistance value, it can be done by adding a grounding rod planting point, then each planting point is connected to one another to get a good ground resistance value.

As an example :
If planting a grounding rod at one point, get a measurement value of resistance to the earth by 5 ohms, then it can be added to the planting grounding rod point as much as 3 points with a distance between points as close as 2 meters away, Then you will get a total resistance value from the three ground points: 1.6 ohms.

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