How to choose the best multimeter seen from the specifications

Some things to consider before buying a good and reliable Multimeter Product, Choosing a good Multimeter Product, How exactly is a good Multimeter?, So that you can choose a Multimeter that suits your needs, of course you must know in advance what are the criteria that must exist in a Multimeter.

The Best Multimeter product is a Multimeter that has reliable quality, durable, has a variety of functions, easy to use, not easily damaged, accurate measurement results, minimal error percentage, hardiness, easy maintenance and with competitive prices.

Choose the best Multimeter
Multimeter also called with AVO-Meter (Ampere, Voltage, Ohm - Meter), or VOM (Volt, Ohm, Milliammeter), Multimeter is a measuring instrument that has a variety of functions (multi-function) for measurements in the electrical system.

Multimeter Functions
  • Measure of  AC Voltage, or known as AC Volt-meter
  • Measure of DC Voltage, or known as DC Volt-meter.
  • Measure of Resistance, or known as Ohm-Meter.
  • Measure of DC Current, or known as DC-Ammeter (Milliammeter)

Various Multimeter products can be found on the market, with various advantages and other additional functions.

Types of Multimeter
In addition, there are 2 (two) types of Multimeter that are widely used for various electrical measurement purposes, namely:
  1. Analog Multimeters
  2. Digital Multimeters
Each Multimeter has advantages and disadvantages, the most important difference from Analog Multimeter and Digital Multimeter is on the display of measurement results.

Digital Multimeters will display the measurement results in the form of numbers (Digital), while Analog Multimeters requires a way of calculating the measurement results compared with the measuring scale and measurement results scale, But in general, both types of Multimeter have the same functions.

In addition to the two types of Multimeter above, actually there are several other important things that we need to consider in choosing a good Multimeter.

As with other types of measuring devices, of course we expect a Multimeter with accurate measurement results (High Accuracy), and minimum error.

How to Choose the best Multimeter?

1. Standardization
Multimeter that has been certified both nationally and internationally,The standard of eligibility in various Multimeters can be seen in the form of symbols attached to the Multimeter, several standardization symbols, including:
  • CE (European Standard)
  • EN (European Standard)
  • JIS (Japanese Industry Standard)
  • DIN (Industry standard from Germany)
  • IEC (International Standard)
  • SNI (Indonesian National Standard)
  • etc

2. High Accuracy
Best Multimeter should be a Multimeter that can measure with high accuracy, The accuracy of the Multimeter measurement results can be seen on the specifications label, usually written in percent units.

As an example: The Multimeter can measure of Resistance with Accuracy ± 5%, Because the best accurate measurement result is 100%, then if the Tolerance of Accuracy is ± 5%
Accuracy ± 5% = (100% -5%) to (100% + 5%)
It means that the accuracy of the Multimeter measurement results (Tolerance) when measuring Resistance is between 95% to 105%.

3. Resolution
Best Multimeter is that can measure with more precise results, the Precision Level on Multimeter commonly called with Resolution, Multimeter Resolution value also written on the label Specifications of Multimeter.

As an example: A Multimeter can measure AC Voltage with a resolution of 1mV, it means that the measurement results that can be displayed on the Multimeter gauge are at least 1mV (1 mili Volt) or the precision level reaches 0.001Volt.

4. Range
Multimeter measurement range is the measurement scale from lowest to highest, Best Multimeter should be a can measure with the large range.

As an example: A Multimeter can be used to measure the Resitance (Ohm) with a Range of 1 ohm to 200 Mega ohm, means that the Multimeter can measure resistance with a scale of 1 Ohm, and can measure resistance until 200,000,000 Ohms (200 Mega Ohms).

5. Fuse (Slow Blow)
Safe Multimeter, equipped with a a fuse, preferably with the Slow Blow type.

"Slow-Blow FUse" means when a measurement error or short circuit occurs on the Multimeter, the fuse will break with small explosion, so as not to cause more fatal damage.

6. Full Cover
Best Multimeter that has overall protection (cover) or has a front cover that can be opened and closed.

7. Drop Shock-Proof
Best Multimeter made of non-breakable material and Drop shock proof when accidentally fall.

8. Batteries Save
Best Multimeter is certainly not wasteful of batteries (Batteries Save).

9. Easy to use
Best Multimeter is An easy-to-use for measuring and measurement results that are easy to read.

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