How to Make Lights keep On, when Main MCB is breaking or turn off

How to Make Lights keep On, when Main MCB is breaking or turn off
How do you do it, so that the lights at home keep lights on, although when the electricity goes out due to excessive use of electricity?
What happens, if we use too many electrical devices simultaneously, so that it exceeds the electrical power installed?. MCB at home will get down/breaking, and finally the electricity at home will be off.

If the main MCB is Break/Trip at night, of course our home will be dark, this will certainly make it difficult for us to re-ignite the break/down MCB, especially when the MCB is installed outside the house.

How, so that the lights can still be on, when the electricity in your house goes out because of the excess use of electrical appliances (excess power) and the MCB is breaking or get Off?

You certainly have experienced, when the night gathered with family at home, Suddenly the house turned dark because the electricity in your house went out, After being examined, it turns out the cause of the electricity outage in your home is due to being overloaded, or too much use of electrical and electronic devices simultaneously, and causes the MCB in your home will breaking or Off.

Of course this will make you and your family very disturbed, and the dark condition in the house makes it difficult for you to restart the MCB which is located outside the house.

How to make it, even though the Main MCB is Breaking or Trip and the electricity at home goes out, but the lights are keep on?

MCB that is in our house has indeed been adjusted to the maximum limit of electric power usage. It is intended that the use of electrical equipment does not exceed the limits of the electrical power that has been installed.

If the electricity in your home is installed with a maximum power of 900 watts, then the electrical devices that we can turn on simultaneously cannot exceed 900 watts, But sometimes, we use variety of electrical equipment simultaneously and exceed the maximum power, as a result the MCB will trip (snap) and electricity in your home will be Off/ Shut Down.

The most electricity usage usually at night, at the same time the television is on, refrigerator, air conditioner, electric iron, and lights, If this happens, of course it will cause electricity in your home to be OFF, and of course the lights also, the situations of the house becomes dark.

However, there is actually a very simple way, how to keep the lights on, when the electricity goes out due to overload.

How to Make Lights keep On, when a Main MCB is breaking or turn off

The simple way to keep the lights on, when the electricity goes out due to overload.
A simple way that we can do so when the electricity goes out due to excessive electricity consumption, but the lights keep On, so that your house stays bright, and you will find it easier to get out of the house and turn on back of the MCB (Snap) and reduce usage Existing Power.

Installing a separate MCB for lights at home.
Usually all installations in your home are installed in one line and only use one MCB, so that when the MCB trips or down, all electrical equipment will be Off / Shut Down including the Lights.

Socket, switch and lights are usually installed in one circuit and one MCB, Therefore, we must make a separate cable line specifically for switches and lights, using a separate MCB.

You can do this method, by separating the entire lamp at home, or at least make one special lamp with its own cable and MCB lines.

For more details, you can see the following Diagram below:
Diagram of Installation
Make electrical installations with separate lights MCB
  • Main MCB, is the MCB that has been installed previously, usually installed with KWH meter, the size of the MCB is adjusted to the installed power.
  • The second MCB, installed for the socket and all electrical installations in the house, and make sure the size of the second MCB is lower amperage than the Main MCB, so that when there is an overload of electricity, this MCB is breaking or Trip.
  • The third MCB, is the MCB specifically installed for lights, you can add new lights in addition to the existing lights, to make it easier and no need to change the existing installation. the size of the MCB for the lamp can be adjusted with the power of the lamp installed, you can install the MCB 1A.
  • When there is an overload, the second MCB will trip or breaking because the amperage size is lower than the Main MCB, but the Lamps still gets electricity from the Main MCB, and it will keep On.

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