How to Install Grounding in Electrical Installation at Our Home?

What is the grounding function, and how to install the correct grounding in the electrical installation at home
How to install the correct and properly grounding in electrical installations at our home?

Electrical installations in our homes should be equipped with ground cables or a grounding system that is good for providing protection against various electrical disturbances and hazards.

If the installation of electricity in our homes is carried out by experienced and competent electricians, surely the electrical installation in our homes will be equipped with a ground system that is properly installed.

However, sometimes electrical installations in our homes are installed by electricians who are less experienced and do not yet understand the importance of grounding systems, so often grounding systems or ground cables are not installed and neglected.

Plus, sometimes we as owners and users of electrical installations in the house also do not understand the importance of grounding, so we do not mind if the electrical installation in our house is not grounded.

In fact, some of us are just the opposite, asking electricians to not need to install a ground wire on the ground reason is not so important and certainly will be more economical if without a ground wire.

Therefore, on this occasion, we will discuss how important the grounding system cable is installed in electrical installations in our homes.

What is the function of Grounding?
Grounding cables is a separate cable line that is installed in electrical installations to the earth (earth) point, and is not directly related to other cables in an electrical installation.

Grounding serves to:
Distributing electricity leakage to the earth, so that when an electric leak occurs it does not cause danger (shock or fire)

For example:
Have you ever felt an electric shock (electrocution) when touching electrical equipment such as an iron, CPU, water cooker, or other electrical appliance?

If ever, it means that the Grounding system in your home is not installed properly, or may not be installed at all.

Examples of the above events you should not experience if the electrical installation in your home is equipped with a grounding system installed correctly.

And one more thing that is no less important and we also need to make sure in addition to grounding in electrical installations, that all plugs from various electrical devices we use must be equipped with ground cables.

In general, every standardized electrical equipment product has a grounding point on the plug of each electric appliance.

How to install the correct and Properly Grounding?

Socket outlet Grounding
Grounding System Diagram

Therefore to get a grounding system that works properly, two things that must be ensured are:
  • Installation of ground wire in electrical installations correctly
  • Ensure that each plug of the electrical appliance we use is also equipped with a ground wire.
Then how to install Grounding on a home electrical installation?

If the electrical installation in your home is not equipped with Grounding, then you can install the Grounding cable line on the electrical installation, and then implant the end of the cable into the ground.

Install Grounding in electrical installations
  • Plug the cable along the electrical installation in your house and the end is placed past the KWH meter box and lowered towards the ground
  • Make a hole in the ground near the attached KWH meter, to plant a ground wire.
  • Plant the end of the ground cable that leads to the ground as deep as possible, you can also use an iron pipe that is planted into the ground along with the ground cable.
  • The purpose of the grounding cable planted to the ground is to get the best grounding point and really connect to the earth, the success of the grounding cable is to achieve the earth to earth resistance under 5 ohms (<5Ω).
  • How to measure good ground resistance
  • Connect the ground wire that you have installed in the electrical installation to the ground terminal at each socket in your home.
  • More details can be seen in the picture above

Things that need to be considered to get a grounding system that functions for safety, among others:
  • Install a ground wire in your electrical installation
  • Plant a ground cable into the ground, with a resistance value of <5ohm
  • Install a ground wire at each outlet in your home
  • Use a good and safe wall socket (Tips for choosing a wall socket)
  • Ensure that the plug on each electric appliance is equipped with an Grounding terminal

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