Chosing the Right and Safe Electrical Socket Outlet for your home

6 Tips how to Chosing the Right and Safe Electrical Socket Outlet, for our home
For those of you who currently have plans to install electrical installations, of course you need to prepare various electrical installation materials, there are several materials that you need to prepare to install an electrical installation, as like as, Cable, Electric socket, Lamp fittings or hangers, Switch, Lamp, MCB, ELCB, And others.

Some of materials above can be prepared before you install the electrical installation at home, However, you must choose electrical installation materials that have good quality so that your electrical installation becomes safe from various electrical hazards.

There are several things that you should pay attention to when choosing a good electrical installation material, be it electrical cables, electrical sockets, fittings, switches, light bulbs, MCB or ELCB, On this occasion we will try to share about how to choose a good and safe socket.

Chosing the Right and Safe Electrical Socket Outlet for your home

Chosing the Right and Safe Electrical Socket Outlet for your home
Chosing Socket Outlet
What is a socket?
Electrical Socket Outlet is one of the electrical materials that serves as a place for electricity to plug in plugs that come from various electrical equipment.

Socket outlet usually has three holes that are used to connect (plugging in) Plugs in various electrical equipment, such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, fans, chargers and more.

Why do we have to choose a good socket?

Because the function of the socket is to connect the power source to the electrical equipment using a plug, and the plug is sometimes plugged in and replaced, So, if the socket that we used has a bad quality, it will loose or break quickly, What are the consequences if the socket is used loosely?

It is important that we know that every electrical connection must be in a good condition and properly connected, bad connections, loose or not resistant to vibration will result in electrical connection failure.

If the electrical connection fails, it can result in a power source being cut off and causing the electrical equipment not to turn on, Even more dangerous, if the electricity connection is loose, sometimes connected and disconnected will produce excessive heat and even emit sparks from electricity, finally can cause the socket or plug to be burned, So, it is very necessary for us to choose the ridght socket that has good quality, strong, and safe.

6 Tips how to Chosing the Right and Safe Electrical Socket Outlet, for our home

1. Price
Everyone would want to be able to buy a quality item but at a cheap price, But this is usually directly proportional, low prices are of poor quality, high prices but good quality, Therefore, avoid buying a socket because you see a cheap price, but we can buy a socket with a medium price while still having good quality.

2. Brand
Of course, a socket that has good quality is owned by a manufacturer with a well-known brand, and this can be your reference in choosing a good socket, Choose a socket with a brand that is already well-known in the market and is already commonly used.

3. Clamping/connector material
This is the most important thing, as our reference that the socket that has good quality is the one that uses Brass/copper clamping/connector material, Select the socket with the clamp plate inside the socket made of brass/copper.

Usually there is a description on the socket that states the plate is made of brass/copper, but if you are in doubt, you can open the socket cover and see the clamp plate material inside, Why is the clamp connector made of brass or copper good?

To be able to deliver electricity to the maximum, the conductor must be made of easily carrying electricity, good conductive materials are usually made of copper and brass, And usually there are outlets that are sold on the market with clamp plates made from iron or zinc, Socket with clamp plate made from iron or zinc is not good because it is not good enough to deliver electricity so it is easy to heat, curve and rust.

4. Cover Material
Cover of socket serves to prevent electricity from flowing to other places that we do not want, So that the socket body must be made of insulation material that cannot deliver electricity (isolator).

Generally Socket-outlets have a cover body made from insulation, such as made from plastic, pvc, ceramic, glass and others, But to choose a socket with a good cover material, you can see its flexibility, thickness, Choose material that is flexible and thick. To be more resistant to heat, not flammable and not easily broken.

5. Strength clamping plate
To find out the quality of the clamping plate in the socket, you can find out by trying to insert the plug into the socket outlet, A good socket, the plug will be more difficult to enter if plugged in or unplugged. This indicates that the clamp has a firm grip that holds the plug, Do it several times, and if the grip is still strong, this indicates the quality of the socket is good.

6. Socket with Hole Cover
The socket has several types, But for our safety, choose the socket that has a cover on the plug, This serves to secure the socket of the ignorance of the children, when the socket is not used, then the holes of socket outlets will automatically be closed, This type of socket is widely available on the market and the price is not too expensive.

So are some things that you need to consider before buying a socket, How to choose a good, safe and best quality socket but at a price that is not too expensive.

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