15 Electrician Tools and the Functions - We Should Know

15 Electrician Tools and the Functions - We Should Know!, Various tools that are commonly used by an electrician, and the what are function of the the Tools.

What are the that tools used by an electrician, and what are the functions of various electrical work tools?

Every technician certainly needs equipment or tools used to do various jobs and repairs, Likewise, the electrician will not be able to be away from a variety of electrical work tools that are required to be carried out when doing work, whether when installing an electrical installation, doing electrical repairs, or just to carry out inspection and maintenance various electrical installation equipment and equipment.

For example, an electrician will not be able to do various electrical-related jobs if he does not carry the Test-pen, Testpen is one of the many electrical work tools that must be carried and used by every technician when performing various electrical works, There are many more various work tools that are usually carried and used by an electrician.

15 Electrician Tools and the Functions - You Should Know

Here are some electrician tools that are usually used and carried by an electrician while working, including:

1. Test pen
Test pen is one tool that must be carried wherever the electrician works, the functions as a work tool for detecting or checking whether an electrical equipment has a voltage or not, It is small, lightweight, easy to carry and put in a pocket, and can also be used to loosening small size screws.

To maintain safety while working, every electrician must ensure that each equipment that will be inspected or repaired, whether it is still in tension or not by using Test pen, before starting work.

Combination Plier
2. Pliers
Pliers is a tool of a kind of lever, which is made of metal with rubber coated (insulation) on the handle (handle), Actually Pliers is also widely used for mechanics, carpenters, and other jobs.

But specifically for Electricians, Pliers that are used must be specifically designed for electrical work, have insulation / rubber material on the handle (handle) with the ability of the insulator material to reach 1000Volt (translucent voltage isolator), so it is safe to use on jobs related to voltage Electricity.

Pliers commonly used as Electricians (Electrician) work tools, there are various kinds, according to the shape and usefulness, Combination pliers serve as a tool for holding, gripping, twisting, cutting various workpieces.

Combination Pliers
Examples of using Combination Pliers:
Combination pliers can be used to hold cables, cut cables, twist cables, connect cables, open bolts / small screws that are difficult to open with a screwdriver, and various other functions.

Cutting Pliers
Cutting pliers
Cutting pliers function as work tools for cutting electrical wires, wires.

Long Nose Pliers
Long-Nose Pliers
Long Nose/Taper pliers function as electrical work tools for holding small workpieces, twisting cables, making spheres on the ends of cables, and can also be used to cut cables.

Crimping Pliers
Crimping Pliers
Crimping Pliers functions as an electric working tool to clamp the cable (Cable Scone) on the end of the power cable to be properly installed, Besides that, Crimping Pliers can also be used to peel and cut small diameter cables.

Screw Driver
3. Screwdriver
Screwdriver is a work tool that is round in length, made of metal with rubber / insulator material in the handle (handle), Similar to the pliers, screwdrivers are not only used for electricians working tools, screwdrivers are also used by machine technicians, mechanics, workshops, mechanics, carpenters, and other jobs.

But the Screwdriver used for Electrician must have a special design, wrapped in rubber or Isolator in almost all parts of the screwdriver except at the end (Screwdriver eye), with resistance to the breakdown voltage of 1000Volt. so it is safe to use for various jobs related to voltage
There are various types, shapes and sizes of screwdrivers used by electricians, but in general they can be divided into two types, namely:

Philips Screw-drivers
Philips Screw-drivers is serves as an electrical work tool for opening, installing, loosening, tightening bolts or screws that have a cross (Head) shaped cross (Plus).

Flat-head screwdriver
Flat-head screwdriver is serves as an electrical work tool for loosening, tightening bolts or screws that have a flat top (head).

Soldering iron
4. Soldering iron
Soldering iron is an electrical work tool that serves to melt Tin Solder, for small-sized cable connections, as well as the installation of various electrical components on the circuit board, Soldering is an electrical device that converts electrical energy to produce heat.

Cable connection (wire) by means of soldering including the connection method that is good and safe, because the connection is firmly connected (Not easy to loose).

5. Wrench (Adjustable Wrench)
Wrench is a work tool that is widely used by various technicians, both for electricians, mechanical engineers, mechanics, mechanics, and others.

However, specifically for the Wrench which is used as an electrician's work tool, it must be specially designed with a safety part on the handle or handle of rubber material or insulating material that is not translucent, so it is safe to use.

Wrench is a working tool that serves to open, relax, tighten bolts, with adjustable size (Adjustable).

6. Cutter
Cutter is a work tool similar to a knife that can be used to cut, a handle (handle) made from plastic (insulator).

Especially for electricians working tools, Cutter is used to peel, split the insulation part of the electrical cable that has a larger size, which cannot be peeled using Tang.

Insulation Tape
7. Insulation tape
Insulation Tape is a tool or work material which is certainly carried by an electrician or electrician, Insulation serves to wrap / wrap parts of cable connections so that the voltage can be isolated and not harmful.

Tool Bag
8. Bag Pouch
Bag Pouch are also a working tool that is widely used or carried by an electrician.

Waist bag (Pouch Bag) serves as a container or place to store various tools and work tools so that it is easy to carry everywhere while working.

9. Multi-meters
Multi-meters is one of the important work tools of an electrician, Multi-meters is useful for making various measurements related to electricity, such as to measure the voltage (Volt)), to measure DC electric current, measure the value of resistors (Prisoners), and so forth.

Multi tester commonly used by an electrician there are 2 kinds, namely: Multimeters Analog and Digital.

10. Clamp Meter
Clamp Meter is an electrical work tool that serves to measure the amount of AC electric current, How to measure the electric current using the amperage pliers is very practical and easy, just by clamping (looping) the part of the amperage that resembles a Clamp Meter, then the large current flowing on a cable can be known, without having to open or disconnect the cable.

Multi-meters can be used to measure current (Ampere) unidirectional electricity (DC), then the Clamp Meter can be used to measure large AC current (alternating current).

11. ELCB Tester
ELCB Tester is an electrical work tool that serves to determine the condition or reliability of an anti-contact safety device (ELCB) that has been installed in an electrical installation. How to use ELCB Tester
The ELCB tester can determine whether the ELCB (Anti-Electrical Contact) installed is still in good condition and can provide protection in the event of an electric leak (Electrocution).

12. Insulation Tester
Insulation tester or also called Megger (Mega-Ohm Meter), Insulation Tester (Megger) is an electrical work tool that serves to measure the conditions of insulation of an electric conductive cable. How to use an Insulation tester

13. Infrared Temperature
Temperature Infrared, Temperature Non-Contact, Temperature Infrared is a working device or temperature measuring device with the principle of Infra-red work. Working principle of Infrared Temperature

This Infrared Temperature measuring instrument can measure the temperature of an object without having to come into direct contact with the object it is measuring.

This tool is used to determine the condition of various electrical equipment, such as conditions of cable temperature, temperature of the transformer, temperature of cable connections, temperature of cable terminals, temperature of capacitors, temperature of electric motors and various other electrical equipment.

As we know, if a variety of electrical equipment has a high enough heat temperature, it will cause various damage and can even cause fire or fire.

Therefore, periodic checks on the temperature / heat conditions of various electrical equipment and installations must be carried out using IR-Temperature.

14. Vibration Pen
Vibration pen is an electrical work tool that serves to measure the vibration of various electrical equipment, electric motors, generators, and so on.

Vibration measurement is very important to do to know the condition of various machines, electrical equipment that is operating, and then to be able to plan maintenance and repairs on these machines.

15. Grounding Tester (Earth Tester)
Grounding Tester is an electrical work tool that serves to measure the conditions of grounding or grounding that has been installed.

Grounding is measured to find out how much resistance grounding, and a good grounding resistance value should be below 2 ohms.

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